Sunday, February 20, 2011


CHARACTER: Morrigan Aensland Cosplay
FROM: Darkstalkers Game
ARTIST: Kameno, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cool, and Sexy Cosplay Costume

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Morrigan Aensland (モリガン・アーンスランド, Morigan Ānsurando)

Is a video game character, from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games. Morrigan is a succubus, who is very vain, and lives for little more than the excitement of battle. She appears as a beautiful woman with long, light green hair, large breasts, and bat-like wings on her back, and on the sides of her head. Morrigan can reshape these wings into spikes, and blades when attacking her enemies, as well as using them to shield herself from enemy attacks. Her wings can also separate from her, and form into a cloud of bats. She uses a variety of magical attacks as well. She may even be considered a protagonistic anti-hero, because despite her demonic appearance and nature, she is not evil.

Darkstalkers, known in Japan, and Asia as Vampire (ヴァンパイア, Banpaia) and in some European releases as Vampire Hunter

Is a series of 2D fighting games produced, by Capcom during the mid-1990s for the CPS II arcade hardware. There have been games in the series, as well as several other works in the other media. The series is notable for its cast of characters based on well-known fictional monsters (hence its Japanese title, Vampire), and introduced many of the concepts used in later Capcom fighting games, including the use of 16-bit color animation sprites.

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