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CHARACTER: Hsu Ling Ling Cosplay
FROM: Steam Detectives Anime, and Manga
ARTIST: Miho Anzai, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cute, and Rare Cosplay Costume

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Hsu Ling Ling (周鈴々, Shū Rinrin)

Ling Ling is the youngest daughter of Dr. Hsu, and the writer Feifer. A young nurse who owns the Megamaton, Goriki. She, and Goriki become assistants of Narutaki after being tricked into helping Night Phantom. Much of her past is a mystery. She helps Narutaki in his investigations, and looks after his health. Ling Ling is sensitive, and caring to others but she can rise to the occasion. Her overly sentimental nature does put her in danger when she throws herself into things. She volunteers at the local hospitals since they are often understaffed.

Steam Detectives (快傑蒸気探偵団, Kaiketsu Jōki Tanteidan)

Is a manga series by Kia Asamiya originally serialized in Ultra Jump. It was later adapted into a 26-episode anime TV series, which ran from October 1998, to March 1999 on TV Tokyo. The story is set in Steam city. Steam City is a place where the only fuel source is coal, and the only means to produce energy is the steam engine.

As the only source of energy, the steam engine has been the focus of technological advancement, to the point where it can be substituted for any other form of power in modern technology. These same advancements also have given rise to Megamatons, large steam-powered robots. With the air of Steam City thick with fog and white smoke, thieves and criminals flourish with Megamatons as a common tool in their nefarious plans.

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