Thursday, May 05, 2011


CHARACTER: Lulu (ルールー Rūrū) Cosplay
FROM: Final Fantasy X (ファイナルファンタジーX Fainaru Fantajī Ten) Game
ARTIST: Ran Asakawa (朝河 蘭 Asakawa Ran), Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Sexy Cosplay Costume

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Lulu (ルールー Rūrū)

Is a fictional twenty-two-year-old black magic user, and one of the main characters in Final Fantasy X. She appears as the guardian to the lead female protagonist, Yuna, and is in a relationship with Wakka in Final Fantasy X-2. She appears in a reduced role for Final Fantasy X-2, where she has a child with Wakka named Vidina. Her style is combining the look of a fashion model with a Black Mage design, which typically features robes, a floppy hat, and an obscured face that shows only two glowing eyes. She has received positive reception for her role in Final Fantasy X, including being ranked the best character in the game by IGN as well as the 27th hottest video game female by UGO Networks.

Born on the island of Besaid, where she grew up with Wakka, Yuna, and Wakka's younger brother, Chappu, Lulu is often stern and scathing (particularly to Wakka). However, she is nonetheless caring toward others. Lulu was particularly harsh towards Tidus when they first met, but her opinion of him slowly changed for the better as the story progressed. She is also highly intelligent, one of the few Yevonites who easily questions the Yevon religion on objective terms, and is far more accepting of Rikku's Al Bhed nature than Wakka initially was. Before becoming a guardian to Yuna, Lulu guarded two previous summoners whose pilgrimages abruptly ended. Her second pilgrimage, that of Father Zuke, ended in the Calm Lands (a common decision among summoners).

Final Fantasy X (ファイナルファンタジーX Fainaru Fantajī Ten)

Is a role-playing video game developed, and published by Square (now Square Enix) as the tenth title in the Final Fantasy series. It was released for Sony PlayStation 2. The game marks the Final Fantasy series' transition from entirely pre-rendered backdrops to fully three-dimensional areas, and is also the first in the series to feature voice acting. Final Fantasy X replaces the Active Time Battle (ATB) system with a new Conditional Turn-Based Battle (CTB) system, and uses a new leveling system called the "Sphere Grid".

Set in the fantasy world of Spira, the game's story centers around a group of adventurers and their quest to defeat a rampaging monster known as "Sin". The player character is Tidus, a blitzball star who finds himself in Spira after his home city of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin. During the game, Tidus, along with several others, aids the summoner Yuna on her pilgrimage to destroy Sin.

Ran Asakawa (朝河 蘭 Asakawa Ran)

BIRTHDAY: September 04, 1980
ORIGIN: ?, Kanagawa, Japan
HEIGHT: 158 Cm.
SIZE: 87-59-85


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