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CHARACTER: Ulala (うらら Urara) Cosplay
FROM: Space Channel 5 (スペース チャンネル5 Supēsu Channeru Faibu) Game
ARTIST: Megumi Uno (宇野めぐみ Uno Megumi), Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cute, and Sexy Cosplay Costume

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Ulala (うらら Urara)

Is a Space Channel 5's top reporter. When she was young, a reporter from Space Channel 5 saved her life, and she wanted to become a reporter for Space Channel 5. She carries with her trusty microphone and two guns. The Chu Beam is used for shooting aliens, robots and other attackers while the Rescue Beam is used to rescue hostages being forced to dance. When ratings are high, she emits a pink aura, signifying she is full of groove energy.

Space Channel 5 (スペース チャンネル5 Supēsu Channeru Faibu)

Is a music video game developed by United Game Artists under the direction of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and published by Sega. The gameplay features a system where the player must copy sequences of dance steps performed by the computer. The games revolve around players controlling the funky space reporter, Ulala, as she grooves to rescue hostages, and stop the enemy. Each level is split up into several parts, revolving around dance-offs or shoot-outs, during which the player must repeat commands spoken by the opponent (Up, Down, Left, Right and Chu) in time to the rhythm.

The story is, In 2499 AD, an alien race known as the Morolians shows up, and starts forcing people to dance. Ulala from Space Channel 5 gets sent to bring in the news, save the hostages and beat the Morolians, while simultaneously fighting off rival reporters Pudding and Jaguar. In the end, it turns out the Morolians were being brainwashed by Space Channel 5's boss, Blank, who desires ratings over the truth. After failing to defeat Ulala with a robot replica named Evila, he pilots a large version to hurt her, but she is rescued by Jaguar, just like he did when she was young. With the aid of her supporters and Fuse's antenna, Ulala uses groove energy to defeat Blank and send him to the other side of the universe.

Megumi Uno (宇野めぐみ Uno Megumi)

ORIGIN: ?, ?, Japan

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