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CHARACTER: Lisa Silverman (リサ・シルバーマン Risa Shirubāman) Cosplay
FROM: Persona 2 (ペルソナ2 Perusona Tsū) Game
ARTIST: Megumi Uno (宇野めぐみ Uno Megumi), Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cool Cosplay Costume

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Lisa Silverman (リサ・シルバーマン Risa Shirubāman)

Is a Caucasian girl raised in Sumaru City by her Japanophile parents. Despite her natural blond hair and blue eyes, she is unable to speak English, the misconception that she can is the cause of much confusion. However, she knows how to speak Cantonese (one of the southern Chinese dialects) in addition to her native Japanese, and often mixes both languages (often saying "Aiya!" and other Chinese expressions). Lisa is a big fan of martial arts, and Bruce Lee. Her nickname is "Ginko" (gin means silver in Japanese, and ko is a common Japanese first name suffix for females) as an insult.

As a martial arts fanatic, Lisa uses her own fists to defend herself, equipping gloves to improve the force impact. Lisa's initial Persona is Eros, and her Ultimate Persona is Venus. Lisa wears a black Seven Sisters High uniform. However, she also wears a red ribbon (signifying her status as junior student), as opposed to the blue ties/ribbons which seniors wear. She was the top candidate for 'Miss Sevens' a contest held at Seven Sister's High similar to a beauty pageant/popularity contest.

Persona 2 (ペルソナ2 Perusona Tsū)

Is a two-part series of Persona, Japanese console role-playing games for the Sony PlayStation, developed by Atlus. Atlus did not localize Innocent Sin for release outside of Japan. The duology is a direct sequel to the first installment of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series, Revelations: Persona, with several characters from that title playing various roles, both minor and major, in both games.

The story takes place in Sumaru City, a fictional metropolis (city designated by government ordinance) with a population over 1.28 million in modern-day Japan. Once the main story begins, the city becomes cursed; any rumor that reaches enough people will inexplicably come true. Sumaru City is navigated via an aerial view map. The party uses the map to visit each district as they become available. Each district has key locations to visit, as well as a shopping mall where the party can converse with locals, and visit restaurants or shops, as well as the Velvet Room. There is always at least one Rumormonger stationed in each mall.

Megumi Uno (宇野めぐみ Uno Megumi)

ORIGIN: ?, ?, Japan

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