Friday, March 04, 2011


CHARACTER: Yuu Himenagi Cosplay
FROM: Geobreeders Anime, and Manga
ARTIST: Eri Minami, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Sexy Cosplay Costume

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Yu Himehagi (姫萩夕, Himehagi Yuu)

Yu is Kagura's mechanic and hired driver whose job is to drive the team to anywhere they want to. She constantly tells them "A driver's job is to drive!" when she's ordered to go into the field. She's normally found brazenly sleeping in the basement and is also a chain smoker.

Geobreeders (ジオブリーダーズ)

Is an ongoing manga series by Akihiro Ito. It was made into an OVA anime, which is distributed in Japan by Shōnen Gaho-sha, and JVC and in North America by U.S. Manga Corps. The manga was partially translated by CPM Manga. A spin-off manga, not drawn by Ito, was released as Geobreeders Atomic Attack (ジオブリーダーズアトミックアタック).

Ayagane City is overrun by phantom cats, and are causing havoc throughout the city. That's when a young and overzealous group of entrepreneurs called Kagura Total Security step in to dissolve this problem for the right price. The story then takes a new twist when a newly hired salaryman joins the all-female Kagura team as a field operative. Geobreeders somewhat counts as a harem anime similar to that of Tenchi Muyo! and has a few fan service to go with it.

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