Sunday, February 20, 2011


CHARACTER: Sophia Cosplay
FROM: Battle Arena Toshinden Game
ARTIST: Yukino Motoyama, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Sexy Cosplay Costume

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Is a voluptuous private detective, and former KGB agent suffering from amnesia. She entered the first Toshinden tournament to recover her past, and eventually learned that her memory had been tampered with by the Secret Society. When she heard that another fighter, Chaos, was suffering from the same fate as her, she entered the second tournament in hopes of saving him. Although she was unsuccessful in her mission, she managed to help bring down the fall of the Secret Society. Sofia would eventually discover that she was being targeted by the Organization, and she entered the third tournament hosted by it, in order to help destroy the Organization. Even though Sofia had realized that she would never get back her old memories, she decided to move on and create new memories so that can finally be free from her personal sorrow.

Battle Arena Toshinden (バトルアリーナ闘神伝, Batoru Arīna Tōshinden)

Is a weapons-based fighting game for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC. It was one of the first fighting games to boast polygonal characters in a 3D environment. It was an early killer game for the PlayStation, and Sony promoted it eagerly. Battle Arena Toshinden was the first 3D weapons fighter.

"Eight travelling fighters, brought together by a common destiny, now meet at the Battle Arena Toshinden: a fighting tournament hosted by a mysterious organization known only as the Secret Society." Many years have passed since this tournament, known only to those in the underworld, was last held.

Some fighters have come for personal glory. Others have come to fight for those they love, but all will do their best to be victorious in this tournament which will decide their fortunes".

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