Thursday, February 17, 2011


CHARACTER: Rimururu Cosplay
FROM: Samurai Shodown or Samurai Spirit Game
ARTIST: Yuki, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cool, and Rare Cosplay Costume

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Rimururu (リムルル), called "Rimnerel" by some translations

Is the younger sister of Nakoruru, and lives in an Ainu village on Hokkaidō. She greatly admires her older sister, and like her, strives to protect nature. Rimururu has also been referred to as a priestess of the Ainu religion. Although she is still training and not as adept as her sister at fighting, she repels evil from the forest for her elder sister. When her sister departs, Rimururu often follows her in hopes of offering assistance.

Nakoruru originally forbids her younger sister's attempts to be a priestess but relents once she recognizes Rimururu's resolve. Rimururu is a "Maiden of Light" like her sister. She was imprisoned by Oboro and cannot awaken to help her sister.

With her ice spirit Konru, sometimes translated as "Konril", she has the ability to freeze her foes. Her normal attacks are similar to her sister with some modifications in execution. Unlike her sister, many of her moves are short range, giving her a narrower range of efficiency than her sister. However, this may not be a disadvantage as the swiftness in most of her moves make up for it. Like her sister, she may also reflect projectiles with proper timing.

Samurai Shodown, known as Samurai Spirits (サムライスピリッツ, Samurai Supirittsu, Samu Supi in short in Japan

Is a 1993 competitive fighting game, produced by SNK for their Neo Geo arcade, and home platform. In contrast to other fighting games at the time, which were set in modern times, and focused primarily on hand-to-hand combat, Samurai Shodown is set in feudal-era Japan (similar to Kaneko's Shogun Warriors), and was one of the first fighting games to focus primarily on weapon-based combat.

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