Sunday, February 20, 2011


CHARACTER: Hinata Wakaba Cosplay
FROM: Rival Schools Game
ARTIST: Satsuki Aida, Japanese Cosplayer Girl
CATEGORY: Cute, and Cool Cosplay Costume

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Hinata Wakaba (若葉 ひなた, Wakaba Hinata)

First appears in Rival Schools, being the first student to tag along in Batsu's search for his missing mother. During the story, she admits to doing so to help protect her school. In her ending in the game, she finds out her involvement in the searches inspires other students at the school to take up karate, much to her surprise.

In Project Justice, Hinata again joins Batsu, and Kyosuke in investigating the new threat to the schools. Her fate in the Taiyo High story varies; in one story she is kidnapped by Kurow, and eventually saved by Pacific High School students, or leads Taiyo's investigation in Batsu's absence, and is later saved by him when attacked by Kurow.

Rival Schools (私立ジャスティス学園, Shiritsu Justice Gakuen "Justice Private Academy")

Is a 3D competitive fighting game, produced by Capcom originally released as an arcade game in 1997, and ported to the PlayStation in 1998. The story introduces the player to a Japanese city called Aoharu City, where several local schools are the victims of unknown attacks, and kidnappings of students, and staff. The various characters in the game set out to find who is responsible for the attacks, on their school, with the cut-scenes, and fights portraying their interactions with the other schools, and among themselves.

Eventually, the story reveals that an elite school in the city, Justice High, is responsible for the attacks. The player's team eventually faces off against Raizo Imawano, the principal of the school, and first boss of the game. If certain requirements are met during the fight against Raizo, the story continues, and the players play a last fight against Hyo Imawano, Raizo's nephew, and the true mastermind behind the events of the game.


  1. Te ves preciosa vestida de colegiala. Cuando muestras tu calzon blanco, te ves bastante sensual. Es agradable verle los calzones a una mujer con falda.

  2. .Cuando ando en la calle con falda, y hay viento fuerte, siempre se me levanta y se me ven los calzones. No me preocupo porque esta de moda mostrar los calzones. La chica de las fotos se ve formidable mostrando su calzon.

  3. Te ves preciosa con tu faldita y mostrando tu calzon blanco. Eres bastante sensual.